About Us

After our work on the design of men's women's and children's clothing in international companies; We bring you cat & dog bags under the brand of Fiesta. Cat&dog bags; These are the products we have designed to make life easier for you and your pet friends. In order to have an ergonomic structure, the entire design consists of removable and washable parts. With our cat&dog bags, your travels will be very comfortable for both you and your little friends. After the merger of the fiesta scissors with Tako Design, Didem Çataloğlu designs are now carefully prepared for your little friends. We continue to implement our designs in home textiles. In addition to our Fiesta series cat&dog bag models; We are trying to achieve a first in Turkey with our works that make your home special. With the rise of denim designs in home textiles, we share our Didem Çataloğlu signed products with you. In addition to our tableware that emerged as a result of pico and lace designs that we combined with denim; We aim to bring a new breath to the home textile market with our curtain works. Thanks to our designs using healthy fabrics, you can now show your fashion sense in your home and in your cat&dog bags. The plush part in the cat&dog bags is washable; provides a hygienic environment for your files. Modern touches, vintage designs, washable snap fasteners, freedom to use denim; We offer home textiles, cat&dog bags and other products to your liking.ic-editor